Board of Directors

Chairman & CEO-Executive Member Loukia A. Saranti
Vice Chairman – Executive Member Georgios A. Sarantis
Chief Operating Officer – Executive Member Efthymis Konstantopoulos
Member – Independent Non Executive  Helen  Papanikolaou
Member – Independent Non Εxecutive Dimitrios K. Kairidis
Member – Non Executive George X. Valavanis
Member – Independent Non Executive Vassilios A. Papadopoulos

Board of Directors

Loukia A. Saranti
Graduate of Business Administration and Marketing; employed at the company since 1981.

Georgios A. Sarantis
Bachelor of Financial Sciences from a Belgian university with experience in Business Administration.

Εfthymis Konstantopoulos
Economist with postgraduate studies in London School of Economics (MSc in Operational Research) and in SDA Bocconi (MBA).

Helen  Papanikolaou

 Graduate of the faculty of Economics and Information Technology  in London. She has been  for many years high-ranking  Member of Multinational Companies.

Dimitrios K. Kairidis
University Professor of International Relations.

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