Semi – finished products POLYTHETA® are intended for use on horizontal or vertical interior surfaces, providing a handy and quick choice for any construction. They have high technical characteristics and are available in a wide range of designs and colors.

POLYTHETA® product category also includes post formed products. AKRITAS post formed products are manufactured using particleboard AKRIPAN® and are available in standard – length bars, in various width (AKRITAS Worktops and DPF cabinet doors).

During their production, the profile of one or both edges along the bar is formed with a specific radius of curvature (R). The decorative coating sheet (melamine or HPL) is wrapped over the formed edge overlapping the exposed chipboard sides, giving the edge a rounded shape along the bar. One of the main post formed products’ advantages is the reduction of the length of the exposed edges / sides of the final product, on which the application of a protective edge is required. Consequently, a sense of uniformity of the material is achieved and the required processing and construction time is limited.