AKRITAS currently employs over 250 workers and  constantly growing. We are looking to recruit talented people who share our values. If you want to join our team, we encourage you to send your application at careers(at)akritas.gr

Your application/CV to AKRITAS will be automatically acknowledged by an email sent to your electronic address, immediately upon receipt.

If you have expressed a preference in your application for a specific job opening, this will be taken into consideration, in conjunction with the specifications of this position and your qualifications, as documented in your CV.

If you have not expressed a specific preference in your application, and you would like to be employed in any role relevant to your special qualifications, professional background and work experience, our HR department will contact you when a suitable job opening arises.

The recruitment process includes at least two interviews. Upon completion of the selection procedure you will receive written notification of its outcome.

Your CV will be maintained in our candidate database for a period of two years. In the case that the information included in your CV changes, please send us an updated version.

Please note that any information included in your CV will be administered for selection and recruitment purposes only and will be considered strictly confidential.

Θέσεις Εργασίας

AKRITAS Cocktail Party

AKRITAS corporate event was completed with great success this year in Athens, at the wonderful venue of Anassa City Events. New Decor, Textures and New Technologies for AKRITAS decorative surfaces were presented. A wonderful evening with dear partners and professionals from the field of architecture, decoration and construction. We would like to thank again everyone…