AKRITAS melamine faced chipboards are panels with AKRIPAN® innovative particleboard core, coated with melamine decorative paper on both sides. They are available in a wide variety of decors (wood imitations and plain colors), with 13 different surface textures for realistic and vivid results. Their principal technical characteristics are high stability and high mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance. They are also very easy to process and clean. Their wide range of decors and the possibility of digital printing make them an ideal choice in interior design and contemporary furniture industry.

AKRITAS melamine faced chipboards are produced in three series: ARTIKA®, STANDARD, ALMA.

Also available: AKRITAS Digital Printing collection and AKRITAS Silver Coat antibacterial surfaces.

Standard ΕΝ 312 Type P2, P5   ΕΝ 14323,  EN 14322

EN 438-2,  ΕΝ 311

Formaldehyde class Ε1 και CARB 2

Technical Data Sheet  MFB