Silver Coat treatment is a new technology certified for the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that attributes to surfaces according to international standard ISO 22196: 2011. The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of the surfaces are accomplished by incorporating silver nanoparticles into them. Recent studies have confirmed the properties of Silver Ions (Ag+), capable of annihilating over 850 different species of pathogens, through its extremely rapid bactericidal action.

Silver Coat technology is applied to melamine decorative papers and thus, it is available in all AKRITAS melamine faced chipboard series. Silver Coat treatment attributes to all decors, colors and surface textures the antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that are nowadays significantly taken into account in architectural design and material selection. This new technology is applied even to the three – dimensional and structured surfaces/textures of Akritas MFC collection (ARTIKA® series, textures P8, P9 and P11). As a consequence, it provides the combination of the three-dimensional effect of a beautiful melamine surface with the antiseptic effect of the same, therefore preventing the proliferation of pathogens in those interstices of the three-dimensionality of the surface.

Akritas Silver Coat new melamine series fully corresponds to current need of antimicrobial materials and surfaces and offers ideal solutions for furniture of household or professional use. The series is particularly suitable for areas with special hygienic requirements like hospitals, laboratories, diagnostic and medical centers and also airports, public buildings, education buildings, hotels and dining areas.

Test report ISO 22196:2011