Three – layer wooden panels consisting of a central layer of solid wood or plywood and two external layers of natural wood. They are distinguished into antique, heat-treated and carved wood surfaces. Specialized restoration techniques, craftsmanship of skilled artisans, meticulous treatment and respect to wood’s original quality, generate surfaces of high aesthetic quality and texture uniqueness.


  • Unique aesthetic impact
  • Outstanding natural colors
  • Improved durability
  • Improved dimensional stability
  • Chemical free

Technical Specification

  • Intended for use in dry environment
  • Layer bonding with Kleiberit 303.0 D3 / D4 vinyl adhesive PVAC according to DIN EN 204
  • Harmful emission: organic solvent free, no use of impregnation liquids, practically without formaldehyde release
  • Panel moisture 8-12% (strong variations in temperature and humidity can cause curvatures)


Length*           from 1500 to 2890 mm

Width*            1240 mm

Thickness*      from 19 to 24 mm

*Dimensions vary depending on the design code 

Images may not be an exact representation of the product’s colors.