• Family environment: Trust & Long-term employment
    1. We trust our people and encourage them to put into practice what they stand for.
    2. We engage second generation employees.
    3. We recognize effort and reward our employees’ children for admission to Higher University Institutions.
    4. We provide health insurance program to all employees and their family members.
  • Work environment: Safety, Recognition & Reward
    1. We provide a modern, dynamic and creative work environment.
    2. Our commitment to Occupational Health & Safety is steadfast. We promote safety consciousness to our employees and continuously improve our safety record by ensuring the  accurate implementation of Health and Safety Regulations.
    3. We are firmly committed to creating a working environment which facilitates organizational learning. We are developing systematic approaches to learn from the external environment and from our own experiences.
    4. We are committed to delivering results. Fostering a performance culture is at the heart of our people strategy.
  • Social Engagement & Sustainability
    1. We act as a caring corporate citizen that works closely with local stakeholders to improve their quality of life and create shared value by focusing mainly on employability and young people’s professional skills.
    2. We focus on the ongoing effort to reduce our environmental footprint in accordance with AKRITAS GREEN DNA, our integrated sustainability framework.