• Chairman & CEO-Executive Member
    Loukia A. Saranti
  • Vice Chairman – Executive Member
    Georgios A. Sarantis
  • Chief Operating Officer – Executive Member
    Efthymis Konstantopoulos
  • Member – Independent Non Executive
    Helen  Papanikolaou
  • Member – Independent Non Εxecutive
    Dimitrios K. Kairidis
  • Member – Non Executive
    George X. Valavanis
  • Member – Independent Non Executive
    Vassilios A. Papadopoulos
  • Board of Directors
    • Loukia A. Saranti
      Graduate of Business Administration and Marketing; employed at the company since 1981.
    • Georgios A. Sarantis
      Bachelor of Financial Sciences from a Belgian university with experience in Business Administration.
    • Εfthymis Konstantopoulos
      Economist with postgraduate studies in London School of Economics (MSc in Operational Research) and in SDA Bocconi (MBA).
    • Helen Papanikolaou
      Graduate of the faculty of Economics and Information Technology in London. She has been for many years high-ranking Member of Multinational Companies.
    • Dimitrios K. Kairidis
      University Professor of International Relations.