The innovative AKRIPAN® particleboard is the central product of AKRITAS. It is an engineered wood panel produced in specific pressure and temperature conditions, consisting of three-layer forest wood core mixed with adhesive.

The high quality of AKRIPAN® particleboard is mainly attributed to the ultramodern production line and the raw material used by AKRITAS, that comes from high performance natural compact wood.

AKRIPAN® particleboards fulfill the emission requirements according to TSCA Title VI and CARB Phase 2 and comply with the emission class E1. Their surface soundness, internal bond, bending strength and their screw withdrawal resistance fully meet the requirements of European standard ΕΝ 312. AKRIPAN® is an ideal product for wood veneer, melamine, laminate and PVC coating.

  • Standard    EN 312 Type P2
  • Formaldeyde class    E1 and CARB 2


Particleboards for interior constructions and use in normal conditions

High stability

Perfectly smooth surface finish

Easy to process

Outstanding internal bond, bending strength and surface soundness


Dimensions Width: 1.830 – 2.200mm

Length: 2.200 – 4.200mm

Thickness: 6 – 38mm

Also available in the same dimensions:

Waterproof particleboard HYDROPAN® (EN 312 Type P3, P5)