In the domestic market, AKRITAS distributes its products through its distribution centers to a wide network of timber wholesalers, but also to large furniture industries. Having organized a very wide distribution network throughout the Greek territory through wood trade and large furniture manufacturing units, with more than 200 supply points, it is the largest melamine distributor in the Greek market. Our Company’s relations with its partners are governed by consistency, accuracy in delivery times (just in time), constant consulting and technical support.

At the same time, in the context of its business plans, AKRITAS prioritizes the intensification of its export activity. With steady steps we have developed an international sales network, ensuring a long-standing presence in the Balkans, the Middle East, Australia and North Africa and with more than 50 customers abroad. The regular participation of our Company in key industry exhibitions, the flexibility that characterizes our international collaborations, as well as the certifications that we have for all of our products, combined with the international sales network, have made our Company dynamic and outgoing with exports to be more than 20% of turnover in the last decade. In a systematic manner and dedication, AKRITAS relentlessly seeks to consolidate its position in new markets and at the same time takes advantage of the growth of the tourism sector in Greece and the gradual recovery of the real estate sector. The axis of differentiation against the competition requires the immediate adaptation of the commercial, strategic and logistics chain to the prevailing trends and the continuous strengthening of the variety of its products. In this context, AKRITAS continues its investments in new surfaces, while at the same time proceeding to introduce new codes to its portfolio, following the existing successful collaborations with suppliers of large houses abroad.