Having a long-lasting presence in international markets, AKRITAS has recognized the important role it must play towards achieving the critical goals of sustainable development. In alignment with its goals, AKRITAS undertakes initiatives on a daily basis in order to contribute to the social welfare of local communities, to the protection of the Health and Safety of its employees, to the professional advancement of its employees and executives, as well as to the protection of the environment and natural resources.


We include all of these initiatives in the framework of the Sustainability Report – ESG, which constitutes one of the most critical priorities of our company.


As Loukia Saranti, the Chairman of the BoD, states in the introductory note, “Since 1977, the year of AKRITAS’ foundation, there has been an absolute dedication to the protection of the natural environment and an explicit commitment to the respect of human principles and values. The signing of the UN Global Compact in 2005 was a fundamental step in this direction, as it is the largest global corporate responsibility initiative regarding human rights, working conditions, environmental protection and the fight against corruption. Maintaining the conviction that Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable development are the two principles in which modern companies must commit in order for them to define and achieve their goals, we decided to proceed with the drafting of the annual Sustainability Report – ESG, with a key focus on continuous improvement towards environmental and social issues.”​

ESG 2021

ESG 2022