The Wood Processing Industry AKRITAS will participate this year in the MEDWOOD exhibition ,which will be held from Thursday 7 to Sunday 10 April, at the exhibition center ” METROPOLITAN EXPO ”, in Athens (pavilion 3, Stand A4).

The aim of this year’s participation is to improve the communication of the company with its partners and exchange views on the neuralgic issues of the wood industry.

AKRITAS company with almost 40 years in the sector, continues to have as a basic philosophy  the personal relationship with all its partners, investing steadily on the human factor  in all areas of activity.

AKRITAS is today the only Greek chipboard industry that operates on a continuous basis since 1977, with high- quality products, always with consistently and respect for  its partners.

The company has recently presented <<  AKRITAS CHROMA>>, an application of AKRITAS  products sampling for smart phones and tablets, which are compatible with android  and IOS devices.

<< AKRITAS CHROMA »» is a useful tool because with this, there is a direct and continuous updating for the colors and designs of  melamine  and HPL, offering a wide palette of options to everyone involved in the field of construction and decoration.