AKRITAS wood processing industry, continues the program of informative events in Greece and abroad, by organizing a special presentation in Heraklion Crete, Friday, November 7, in ‘’Minos” showroom at Hotel Aquila Atlantis.

From 11 in the morning until 8:30 at night, company representatives will inform manufacturers, architects and decorators for new decorative surfaces “melamines- worktops” entitled AKRITAS DECOR – NEW COLLECTION.

The new designs of AKRITAS melamine and  worktops  were positively accepted from the technical world, after the first informative event held in Athens in early October, since they well reflect the new market trends, enriching the already huge and constantly renewed range of the company’s products.

Melamine AKRITAS, the only Greek timber industry base their supremacy in high quality particleboard AKRIPAN ®, a product produced in accordance with European standards EN 312 and is an ideal product for facing with melamine, laminate, veneer and PVC.

Following the event of Heraklion, similar presentations will  follow  in Thessaloniki and in Cyprus as well as  in Tirana, Albania.