AKRITAS  is a wood processing industry with headquarters in Alexandroupolis  celebrating  this year 40 years since its establishment. Its products are particleboard AKRIPAN®  and  coated products based on this  (melamine, worktops,  semi-ready  Postforming elements).

On the occasion of 40 years anniversary , the company announces AKRITAS visual arts competition (painting, engraving, sculpture in any form) for architecture students of DHMOKRITEIO UNIVERSITY of THRACE  with inspiration topic  << SPACES>>.

Projects should be sent in a  photo  form and include dimensions, materials and year of creation. The artwork  that will be produced  should be of  the last two (2) years.

The prize for the first project, which will be kept for the company’s offices, will be a 3 days stay trip for two to Rome, all expenses paid.

The projects selected by the committee will be presented from 3 to 13.6.2017 in the Balkan Art Gallery (Ioakeim Sgourou 8 Xanthi) and the announcement of the prize will be known during  the opening ceremony.

Committee panel

The  Committee panel will consist of  three members and is defined as follows: the Rolana Ceckauskaite-  Artist, Mr. Sarantis Gkagkas- Artist Mr. Alexander Lazaridis- Gallery owner.


As the deadline for the  Projects submission is May 12, 2017, Friday at 15:00. After the expiry of the deadline, no study will be accepted.

The curatorial committee will examine and evaluate the proposals and will select works projects that will be presented in the report, informing the selected students by e-mail until 22.05.2017.

Those interested can send their works on both below email addresses vkaratza@akritas.com  and  alexlazaridis202@gmail.com

For any further information, please get in contact with Mr Alexandros  Lazaridis via email :alexlazaridis202@gmail.com

You can also be addressed to the company site : www.akritas.com.