AKRITAS commitment referring to the social responsibility and its national contribution starts with the company’s foundation. Human compassion and Ethos constitute an integral part of the company’s core value systems and are applied faithfully since its beginning of operations up to now. Our sense of responsibility towards society and especially towards vulnerable social groups is materialized through active support of organizations dedicated to noble humanitarian causes, in support of Local Community Agencies and provision of social work. it is our firm belief, that corporate success should be accompanied by a will to give back to the community – on a domestic and international level.

The company’s operations include the contribution to the issues facing the region of Evros as it responds to the material offers (sponsorship in kind) in schools demands, churches, hospitals. Additionally, AKRITAS has been recognized for the continuous support to the Ahtida Autism Support group (www.ahtida.gr), KE.THE.A (Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals) through its cooperation with the company’s printing.

The company also maintains blood bank of Workers Association in the General Hospital of Alexandroupolis.