With more than 200 participations, the COOK8 International Contest was finalized, focusing on the design of an indoor dining space for 8 people, 24 – 30 sq. M.

More specifically, 280 participations were applied for 485 contributors (architects, interior designers, decorators, etc.) from 24 countries. This is the first time an international design competition based in Greece attracts so many participants from almost all the continents! Two-thirds of participations come from Greece, while the other third is shared between Europe, America, Asia and Oceania

The aim of the competition was to formulate new ideas for the design of a gathering place for people on the occasion of the preparation and consumption of food as a means of socialization.

The “Glorious holistic” by Costas Aliivatos & Ioannis Kitanis, Danae-Vlachaki, Daphne-Christina Papadopoulou & Katiana-Maria Lyoga and “To Nefos” by Felix Chun Lam, Ziyang Luo & Yi RanWeng Toronto, Canada, are the three equal prizes. The three award-winning submissions will be presented by <<DOMES>> effected in real dimensions (scale 1/1) at the COOK8  Contest: The New Focal Point, co-organized with the Benaki Museum.

From June 14 to July 29, 2018 at the ground floor of the Benaki Museum in a 1,100 square meter area at 138 Piraeus Street, visitors will have the opportunity to tour three exemplary dining venues, as well as to see the other proposals, through design and pictorial material.

The International Architecture Inspectorate DOMES, through its multifaceted activity, constitutes a point of contact between Greek and international architectural reality. It aims at informing the Greek architects and the wider public and in the promotion of Greek architecture around the world.

COOK8 is the 5th INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION of DOMES and the 2nd part of DOMES 1: 1 tripartite program.

AKRITAS had the great pleasure of supporting the COOK8 International Contest from the position of the Gold Sponsor.

We present you indicative photos