AKRITAS SA in accordance with article of the ASE Regulation. (01/01/2016 to 30/09/2016), the shares will continue to trade in the ASE Surveillance Category ,as they were incorporated after the decision of the 7th April 2015 of the Board of Directors of the ASE. The reason for this was the non-fulfillment of criterion 1b of article of the ASE Regulation.  On the level of losses exceeding 30% of equity in accordance with the published Financial Report for the financial year 2014.

The present situation of Supervision is expected to reverse in the near future as the project implementation agreed between the company and the creditor banks to restructure loan debt and the refinancing of the company will be activated by the end of 2017, and by extension, AKRITAS SA will return to financial equilibrium and operational profitability.

The results of the first half of 2017 show that the efforts being made by the management of the company attribute ,this is also reflected by the gradual increase in turnover for the second use and the equally gradual normalization of operating results. For the first semester, turnover is significantly increased by 21.9% while EBITDA is improved by 55% as losses have been reduced to 367.331 € against losses of 833.489 € of the previous period.