The worktops waterproof chipboard Hydropan® . The coating element is the HPL, a material that has high resistance against abrasion , scratching , high temperatures, moisture and acids. The waterproof chipboard Hydropan® which is used for producing the worktops POLYTHETA® ARTIKA, is characterized as highly resistant in humid conditions and complies with the requirements of EN 312:2003 type P5 standard.
POLYTHETA® ARTIKA worktops are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, workshops use or any areas with specific high requirements in the field of durability and waterproofing.
Available in the following dimensions:

Length 4.20 m
Thickness  40 mm
Width 60 cm with 1 curve and 40, 64, 80 cm 2 curves
Profiles L and U

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