The company’s   management   on the occasion of the visit organized a presentation and tour of the industry for the representatives  of Evros prefecture  Media.

The BoD   Ms. Lukia Saranti and CEO Efthimios Konstantopoulos had the opportunity to present a brief   overview of the 40 years of AKRITAS business and to report on its progress and prospects.

More specifically, the effect of the company to the local community was analyzed and generally to  the Greek   economy  , being the only Greek vertically integrated wood processing industry. Today AKRITAS has a   staff of 240 persons, while   through the activation of the entire supply chain, is involved also in the parallel activation  of a large number of indirect jobs through the multiple cooperation. At the same time, it is a company that operates   with international standards, oriented towards openness and   with significant contribution to the current account balance of   the country.

Similarly, issues were   discussed- related to the competitiveness of enterprises, focusing  to the development of infrastructure  needed for the provision of high quality transit services through both the port and the railway.

In  2017 the company continued with the same pace its growth, while the prospects for 2018 are  very positive , which immediately is reflected in immediate  plans to increase its production capacity in the first half by adopting additional shift operation.