AKRITAS  Wood Processing Industry will also organise this year informative event in Thessaloniki, Saturday, January 23, 2016, in the hall «GRAND PIETRA» Hotel Porto Palace. From 11 am until 9 00 pm, customers and company partners and all those who are active in the field of constructions and decoration will have the opportunity to experience the AKRITAS products and to be informed about the properties from the experienced  executives  of the company.

It is important to note that  AKRITAS is currently the only GREEK chipboard industry that operates on a continuous basis since 1977 with high quality products, providing superior service, always with consistency and respect for our customers-partners.

The aim of  AKRITAS event in Thessaloniki is the presentation of its products and services and also to emphasize on personal contact with its partners from all over Greece and abroad.

The plans of the company in melamine worktops reflect the new market trends, enhancing the wide and constantly updated range of company products. Melamine AKRITAS, supporting their excellence in high quality chipboard AKRIPAN ®, a product which is produced according to European standards EN 312 and is ideal for covering with melamine, laminate, veneer and PVC.

All  AKRITAS  products meet high quality standards and are the result of the systematic effort of the company to meet the market needs by far exceeding the international standards.